New-build, extension, refurbishment, repair and demolition job for Morrisons supermarkets starts in October 2009

Project Warehouse/storage/office building in Somerset

Value £50m

Scheme Storage facility with works to existing warehouse to form a potato packing, chill warehouse with offices, canteen, lockers and demolition of existing industrial buildings, to form two gate houses and car parking.

Envelope Windows: aluminium framed; Glazing: double glazed; External Doors: roller-shutter, timber.

Structure Roofing: flat;

Services Security: sprinkler systems, detection & alarm systems, CCTV, permanent fencing.

Siteworks Demolition, soft landscaping, linked mains supply, upgraded access, hard landscaping;

Status Detail planning approval sought (TP ref 08/08/00266). Please note tender return date extended from 15.09.2009 Scheme is on hold awaiting clients instructions.

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