Retail giant proposes 139,800 sq ft mixed-use scheme for Wolverhampton’s Royal Hospital

Tesco has unveiled plans for a huge mixed-use redevelopment of Wolverhampton’s Royal Hospital.

The listed hospital building will be restored under the 139,800 sq ft scheme, which incorporates a multi-million pound store development along with other retail, office and community facilities.

The proposals could resolve a hotly contested dispute between the retail giant and Sainsbury’s over another city centre site at Raglan Street in Wolverhampton.

Tesco plans to retain the historic hospital’s elevations, incorporating a 13,000 sq m store with glazed atrium, a café, offices and space for other retail and community use.

In 2007 the City Council approved plans from Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust for a mixed use development for the site and adjacent bus depot, comprising a primary care centre and offices in the main hospital building and residential units, offices and small shops on the rest of the site.

The Primary Care Trust subsequently decided they were no longer able to proceed with the plans.

Tony Fletcher, corporate affairs manager for Tesco said: “The priority has been to find an alternative use for restoring the building and a superstore-led mixed use scheme provides the most viable option for securing the planning, heritage and regeneration benefits for the Royal Hospital site and wider All Saints area.

“There is emerging evidence that there is scope for a second new large store within the city centre, in addition to one currently planned at Raglan Street.

“New food stores at Raglan Street and Royal Hospital would result in significant investment in Wolverhampton, creating hundreds of new jobs for local people and see the renaissance of two largely derelict sites adjacent to the city centre.”

Tesco plans to hold a pre-application consultation, before submitting plans to Wolverhampton City Council in April.