Too many gaps between the ambition and reality of bettter public buildings

The government must undertake more post-occupancy studies in order to combat climate change, Cabe chair John Sorrell will tell an audience of ministers and MPs tonight.

Speaking at the launch of the 2007 Prime Minster’s Better Public Buildings Award, Sorrell will say Government departments have to invest more in assessing the actual performance of new public buildings.

He said: “Government departments need to ensure that every public building project is evaluated as it is being used. There are too many gaps between ambition and reality and we must find out why. This is the only way to drive the continuous improvement in construction that will ensure public building really can mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

He added that the results of post-completion and post-occupancy evaluations should be analysed before clients and the project teams embark on their next public building.

Capital expenditure on public buildings will rise from £43bn this year to £60bn by 2012. Constructing and running public infrastructure and services, such as schools, hospitals, libraries and airports, account for approximately one third of the UK’s carbon emissions.

The 2007 Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award shortlist will be revealed in June and the winner will be announced in October. Deadline for entries is 19 April.

CABE has created a Better Public Building Awards film about the Prime Minister's award for Better public building.