Stern piles alarm upon panic and Bush still does nothing. So where should I put my solar PV array? in this week's Green Gauge

Sites of the week

1) Following my brush with being called a climate change denier (don't I get a scout badge?) I direct you to Climate Debate Daily which shows there is still a healthy amount of discussion between the ‘warmies’ and the sceptics. The sceptics are, it has to be said, a familiar bunch after a while, but is that because the oil money only goes so far or because they are brave crusaders for truth? There was only one Galileo.

2) If you are looking to set up a solar PV array and what to know how much power you can generate with a given-sized array, you can check out this site. It's simple. I can’t help you with the 'in-plane irradiation' check box, I’m afraid.

Story of the week

The Government is attempting to water down the European Display Energy Certificates legislation (DECs) requirement even further, BSJ reports. Once, all public buildings were going to need a DEC, now it’s only those with large amounts of public traffic. ‘Did we say that on our web site,’ asks DCLG? ‘A flow chart, you say? You can’t take that as policy!’ Association for the Consumption of Energy head, Andrew Warren calls it "another clear breach of Recital 16 of the EPBD." All public buildings over 1,000 m2 need a cert, he says.

Quotes of the week

"This is disappointing. But Bush will be leaving office soon. What he says doesn't matter so much any more."

An unnamed EU official commenting on Bush’s speech in which he claimed he would tackle global warming without saying how he planned to go about it.

“People who said I was scaremongering were profoundly wrong.”

Sir Nicholas Stern warning that carbon emissions were growing faster and that the world was less able to cope than he and scientists had outlined in his 2006 review. He now believes that global warming could swallow up 20% of the world’s GDP.