Clever eggs, a film of film and bag boy in Building Sustainability's offbeat web survey.

Picture of the week 1)

This 'cybertechture' egg to be built in India is apparently made from “technology, multimedia, intelligence and interactivity.” But it's oriented to maximise solar gain for power generation, too, so we can show it. Thanks World Architecture News

The Intelligent Egg

Stories of the Week

1) The International Energy Association has offered a sober reminder of the amount of work we need to do to avert global warming in the FT. And it’s put a price tag on it: $45,000bn. Ouch.

2) The Record reports how A Canadian teenager seems to have cracked an intractable problem that few seem to have even bothered trying to solve. He’s worked out how to get regular plastic bags to biodegrade.

Quote of the week

"Carbon emissions are a function of economic growth."

Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Kentucky during the US Senate debate on the Lieberman / Warner Climate Bill during which Republicans had clerks read a 500 page amendment line by line in order to ensure it ran out of time. As might we all. For report see A political blogger for the Hartford Courant.

Film of the week

Some of the new, thin film solar panels can be fitted to the roof in minutes. This video on Triple Pundit shows how it's done.

Picture of the week 2)

Planning permission delays for big wind turbines are holding up 5% of the UK’s electricity generative capacity. Getting planning to power your iPod with solar power is less of a problem, but if it were, these PV cells pretending to be leaves might help.

Solar Leaf

From Ecogeek.