Support for shooting Lord over 2012 site, criticism for Viñoly's latest Battersea effort and plea for industry to adopt apprentices

Peer blasts 'waste' of 2012 shooting venue

Lord Lucas is spot-on: this is indefensible waste of money. It will also have a negative effect on shooting sports in the UK, already fighting a tough PR battle, if their Olympic facility is redeveloped immediately after the Olympics are over. At least investment at Bisley would help boost the sport. By the way, what an unfortunate choice of photograph to illustrate the story. You won't find that kind of revolver being used in the Olympics (though you may well find it being used on the streets of South East London).
David Taylor

Wates seals deal on £280m Luton BSF

Like the bit about the local labour, when the M&E has been let to companies outside the local area.
The subby

Viñoly has another go at Battersea, from Building

The massing is where this scheme's failed again. It's greedy and overdeveloped and yes the buildings are not as high but they still are too big next to the power station.They need to be broken apart to allow sunlight into the open space around the power station. I think the pool is inspired and a grand gesture but i'm finding the architecture drab and cold.

Fatality rate predicted to be lowest since records began

This is most likely due to the fact that there has been a decline in activity overall. less men on site = less accidents.

Human sacrifice won't help us

Between 1990 and 1993, the number of trainees in the industry fell by 30% and it took ten years for them to return to the same level. Worryingly, we are seeing a repeat trend this time around and over 2,000 young workers have required the services of our Apprenticeship Matching Service, which was launched in partnership with the LSC and DIUS to help maintain the employment the industry's apprentices through the downturn.

Not every business will be able to take on an 'at risk' apprentice, but for those who can, these young people are often very close to the end of their training so only require a limited financial investment from employers.
Nigel Donohue, ConstructionSkills