Why building coal power stations might be bad for corporate health, and doubts over zero-carbon design in practice

Protestors invade BAM Nuttall office

Building firms that bid for contracts to build new fossil fuel infrastructure are leaving themselves open to protests of this kind, which is going have a knock-on effect on their share values. We should all think twice before bidding for this sort of contract.

Hmm, I googled BAM Nuttall and sure enough it comes up with "BAM - Sustainable construction" which seems contradictory when trying to build a coal-fired power station. Jobs obviously important but I can't help but see this contract as bad news for me.

Bill Dunster completes first code level six homes

It will be interesting to see how the 'sunspaces' perform this time. Once again they are very exposed to public view, as they were in BedZed. Will we see curtains and blinds up going up again during the day, negating the benefits of the sunspace?

Will people use the sunspace as an extension of the heated living room (as over 90% of the British public mistakenly do), letting the precious heat out of the glazing during the spring and autumn? Will the sunspaces pay off their extra construction/embodied energy costs in terms of energy savings?

I look forward to the results of the monitoring and POE exercise, and hope I am mistaken. I suspect just adding extra glazing to the south side of the building would do the trick more effectively.
Fionn Stevenson

Daredevil craze hits Glasgow's newest bridge

The designers need to be asked what their design solution was for eliminating the perfectly forseeable danger that people would walk/run/climb these supports.

Rogers designs for Chelsea Barracks 'dead in the water'

Good news! We need to see past this modernist dogma and build what is fitting and sustainable for the place.