Survey finds overwhelming majority of readers praise the sustainable channel

A recent readers’ survey has found that an overwhelming majority are satisfied with Building's sustainable channel, with nearly 100% rating the content as either excellent or good.

One reader enthused: “I just love the channel!” while another said he thought "your coverage is more advanced than any rival".

The weekly newsletters were also praised by the majority of readers. Readers suggestions included more articles on larger international case studies, more content on products and a closer look at upcoming European laws. They also ranked the importance of green issues in their working lives, with energy emerging as the most vital subject they are dealing with at present.

More grapes please

One respondent even asked if the channel could feature more cases on wineries. “What about new wineries? They are sustainable, technical and beautiful,” he said.

Nearly 100 readers participated in the survey. Of those four winners were picked out of the customary hat as winners of £40 gift vouchers for Nigel’s Eco Store. The quartet were Darren Talbot, David Ranson, Nicola Donaldson and Will Duckworth.