Tough eco-standards for commercial and public buildings are being examined by the government.

The plans have been likened to the Code for Sustainable Homes, which proposed that all new residential buildings should be zero carbon within 10 years.

An alliance of property bodies, including the British Council for Offices, the British Property Federation (BPF), RICS and the Investment Property Forum, have submitted plans to the communities department.

Matthew Smith, a policy officer with the BPF, said the submission included a three-pronged approach to greening the non-residential stock.

The submission included a three pronged approach to greening

Matthew Smith, BFF

• Reduce carbon footprints: The group will focus on Part L of the Building Regulations and produce a timetable

• Energy management: This includes what is being dubbed a “landlord energy statement”, where a landlord is obliged to list all types of energy used to power the building, as well as how efficient each type is n Increase green energy: On-site renewables are considered impractical for big offices blocks. The group is in talks on how to increase off-site renewables.

Smith added that the final document would require industry to go above minimum standards.