Mayors seek EU funding for feasibility study for tunnel between Estonia and Finland

Proposals to link Baltic capitals Helsinki and Tallinn are now under way, following Friday's agreement between the mayors of each city.

Mayors Jussi Pajunen of Helsinki and Edgar Savisaar of Tallinn signed a letter of intent for a rail tunnel beneath the Gulf of Finland to join the capitals - a structure that Mr Pajunen said could become the longest of its kind.

Many Estonians already commute to work in Helskinki due to the close proximity of the capitals, while Finns regularly go shopping in Tallinn.

The mayors agreed to apply for EU funding in May for preliminary feasibility studies. The initial study is estimated to cost between €500,000 (£390,000) and €800,000 (£630,000). Each city will invest €100,000 (£79,000) in the project.

A group of deputy mayors and specialists are scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss the development at the beginning of April.