New report shows UK accounts for 3.5% of global output in sustainability related sectors, with US top at 21%

The UK was the sixth-largest producer of low-carbon and environmental goods and services globally in 2007/08, according to research published by the government, with 3.5% of output.

The Innovas report found that the Britain accounted for 3.5% - or £107bn - of the world's £3,000bn of output in sustainability related sectors.

The report looked at 270 companies involved in renewable energy, environmental and “emerging low carbon” sectors (such as carbon trading, reduction in emissions and carbon capture and storage.)

On a country basis, the US was far in the lead with 20.6% of the output, and China accounted for 13.5%.

Of the 23 products and services surveyed, building technologies accounted for 12.8% of the total market value.

The report suggested that the sector could grow by another £45bn over the next decade.