The main environmental assessment method used in the US and Dubai is to be revised after criticism that it allows energy-guzzling buildings to get a top rating.

It is understood that the US Green Building Council, which runs the LEED scheme, will announce proposals in the next few weeks with the aim of finalising the changes by November.

The main change to LEED is understood to be the introduction of minimum standards for energy and water use.

Douglas Crawford-Brown, senior sustainability adviser at engineer Pell Frischmann has carried out research showing that 30% of buildings awarded the top platinum rating used more energy than buildings with a silver rating, two bands below.

He said: “You can get a platinum rating without even considering energy. You could be getting the points from water use and cycle sheds.”

The news follows a report published by BRE in March that showed that a building with a platinum LEED rating would only score a “good” rating using the UK method, BREEAM.