M&E firm said it had been felled by Carillion’s liquidation

Vaughan careers contact

Seven building engineering apprentices have been re-employed after losing their jobs following the collapse of Vaughan Engineering Ltd.

Members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) in Scotland have found positions for all of the apprentices after Vaughan was forced into administration, with the firm blaming its demise of Carillion’s collapse.

Vaughan Engineering went under being owed more than £600,000 by Carillion and was contracted to carry out a further £1.1m worth of Carillion work in the first quarter of this year. 

BESA chief executive David Frise described the news about the apprentices as a “lone bright spot in an otherwise tragic tale”.

He said: “The speed with which fellow BESA members have moved to rescue the careers of these apprentices has helped to raise spirits.”

Ross Farrell, one of the apprentices, said: “I heard about my redundancy on the Tuesday; and by Friday I had a new job, which shows how well both Blantyre Park Services [who employed Farrell] and BESA handled our situation.”

A spokesperson for Vaughan confirmed KPMG, which as Carillion’s external auditor has been fiercely criticised by the parliamentary inquiry looking into its collapse, was appointed as the administrator last week.