Protestors unfurl banner at 110 Cannon Street in London

A video has emerged of protestors invading a Gratte Brothers’ site in London.

The electricians – who have been protesting against planned changes to their conditions for eleven weeks – are seen unfurling a banner saying “All power to the sparks” at the £10m refurbishment job at 110 Cannon Street.

The protest was targeting Gratte Brothers, one of eight leading electrical contractors that are planning to ditch a 40-year-old wage agreement between employers and workers in favour of drawing up a new agreement.

According to data company Barbour ABI, Gratte Brothers is carrying out heating and ventilating, security, fire protection and plumbing work on the office project.

Union Unite announced this week that it is planning a ‘national day of protest’ next Wednesday, ahead of a strike ballot for the 6,500 workers involved.