From the converted warehouse office the Hill regional vice president of business development overlooks Sydney Harbour

What do you see? 

From my office in the Rocks, I see the Sydney Harbour and the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

How far up are you? 

On the first floor which is great as our offices are situated in a converted warehouse that give straight onto the Sydney Harbour so the water is a only stone’s throw away!

What are you working on?

I am working on various projects which Gorgon and Ichthys Browse LNG Projects, a Port Expansion Project and the Southern Hemisphere’s largest PPP project which is a road project in Brisbane. 

What’s on your desk? 


What’s your all-time favourite view? 

Currently the look-out point above Burning Palms Beach south of Sydney, especially during the whale migration season, but the view from my office window is also pretty hard to beat.

Henry Sell is regional vice president of business development at Hill International in Australia.

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