The director of Exacta Consulting looks over Dubai’s Old Town where construction is slow, but happening

Where are you?

At my office window in Old Town, Burj Dubai development.

What can you see?

The low rise in the foreground is on the Emaar Burj Dubai development. The towers going up behind and the white ones are in the business bay. The infrastructure and bay itself is 90% complete - by the look of it.

How has construction changed in Dubai in recent years?

Building work is going slowly, but buildings are definitely going up – just look at this strange white one in the second picture with holes dotted all over the envelope (the 0-14 Tower by New York architect Reiser + Umemoto).

Companies used to work around the clock a couple of years ago - that’s what really changed the skyline so quickly.

Now it’s mainly a single dayshift owing to the stable prices and reduction in immediate demand.