The government has proposed changes to the Building Regulations to improve water efficiency and reduce the danger of scalding.

A consultation on Part G of the regulations has been published called Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency.

The main change is aimed at cutting water use to 125 litres per person per day in new dwellings, just below the limit set in the Code for Sustainable Homes for a level one and two home.

The consultation also proposes defining where non-drinkable water can be used in homes to make it easier for housebuilders to install rainwater and greywater systems. There is also a section on installing solar thermal panels.

The consultation contains proposals to reduce injuries from scalding, including fitting thermostatic mixing valves to baths and bidets to limit water temperature to 48°C. Each year, 21 people die and 615 are seriously injured from scalding in baths.

However the communities department says the cost does not support a regulatory change and is seeking further evidence.

A guide attached below has been compiled by Chris Derzypilskyj of the Construction Products Association. The document is a guide and is not intended to replace professional advice.