A snapshot of environmental coverage over the weekend, covering wind, MBAs and building out of straw

It's absolutely all about wind farms this week. Figures in The Sunday Times were instructive. 165 farms already operating 1,944 turbines, another 34 under construction, 118 have planning consent and 220 are under consideration. Time for a pat on the back and a cheer? Of course not! The Sunday Times is moaning about the cost (or the profits), the Independent reports that the Government is in the way (although this might be good, it's not sure) and Christopher Booker in the Telegraph has found his axis of evil (the EU enforcing wind farms of proud Blighty and he's the only person to have noticed). But the stories are about wind turbine developments and the complaints have a different tenor. Something is afoot.

Well, people are fickle. The Sunday Times shows how lobbying about carbon emissions in air travel has paid off with more people thinking it damages the environment than driving these days - not the case in 2006.

An entertaining profile of Friends of the Earth head Tony Juniper, in the Mail on Sunday. When Tony Blair told him there was no demand for lower energy lightbulbs, he replied, "What about the Iraq war? There wasn't much demand for that."

There's news in the Sunday Times about an MBA in (preventing) climate change.

The (unlinkable, unsearchable) Sunday Mirror has a piece about a couple's ecohome house built out of wool and straw.

There is a long discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of biofuels in the Guardian, with a helpful chart exploring the enviornmental impact.

And, finally, the Express has a piece about the head of Royal Dutch Shell's speech to Davos that the world will begin to run out of oil in seven years.