All you need from the weekend's newspapers apart from a the lie-in

Over on the blog, you'll find our indespensible review of the weekend's green news where turbines are back with a vengeance. Climate Tsar, Lord Turner suggests bulding more of them in the central reservations of motorways, brownfield sites or other places where there was already 'visual intrusion.' Meanwhile, four years after a plan for 192 turbines on the Shetlands was hatched there's increasing opposition from locals.

Alistair Darling's green budgetary credentials rest on the car, according to various leaks. He will give tax incentives to companies opting for greener cars and is toying with raising petrol tax by two pence. This will be accompanied by a report from Julia King from Aston University predicting the death of the 'carbonated' car by 2050.

There's Sense for Science calling BS on the carrier bag debate and news of a lunar ark being planned for our imminent demise.