Tightest Briton cleans house with tiny toy dustpan and uses each teabag three times

A builder from Wales has been named the tightest person in Britain by a Channel 4 documentary airing tonight.

According to the TV channel, Ieuan Butler, a 39-year-old builder from Wales and father of seven kids, is a walking definition of the word “penny-pincher”, showing a dedication to the art of saving money long before the advent of the credit crunch.

Butler uses teabags at least three times, and has worn the same jumper to work for the past eight years, according to press reports. He cleans the house with a tiny pink toy dustpan and brush set his daughter received as a present 14 years ago.

Recently, he regretfully threw away his work boots after 10 years’ use, mended countless times with leftover gaffer tape from construction jobs.

The channel confirmed that Butler is so stingy his fiancé refuses to live with him and he plans to spend less than £500 on their wedding next summer, which will take place on a beach to save venue costs. He has also converted the bottom half of his house into a workout area to save gym membership costs - charging others to use the equipment.

The programme, The Hunt for Britain’s Tightest Person, airs on Channel 4 this evening at 7.35.