Contractor William Verry is suing a glass maker for £250,000 after it claimed defective glazing components caused it to lose more than £200,000 on a project.

Verry has issued a writ against Wirral-based Formes Alutek alleging that faulty glazing led to leaks that caused extensive damage on a scheme in London for Bouygues.

Verry claims the leaks meant it lost £119,000 of its fee. Including extra costs, the total claim comes to £215,134.

The writ says that the windows supplied by Formes contained gaskets made from white silicon, which allowed in water. Formes says it had warned that the gaskets were unsuitable for use in the windows. Verry denies this.

Mike Hart, managing director of Formes, said he was counterclaiming for “a substantial sum” and added that Bouygues had paid Formes to rectify the problem.”

William Verry was unavailable for comment.