Stephen Williams, the chief inspector of construction at the Health and Safety Executive, is to take up a newly created post at the organisation policing safety at the 2012 Olympics.

As director of field operations for London and the Olympics, Williams will lead the health and safety regulation of the Games, including the construction phase. The role has been created to cope with the increase in workload that the 2012 project will bring over the next four years.

“The world will be focusing on our safety record during the construction of the Olympic sites,”

said Williams. “There are venues away from the Olympic park that will be used across the UK and it will be important that these high standards are reached for all projects. I’m particularly pleased therefore to be given this overarching remit.”

He added: “Everyone wants this project to demonstrate to the world what can be achieved.”

Williams was appointed the HSE’s chief inspector of construction in 2005. The body is still considering his successor, and said this week it did not have a definite timeframe for an appointment. Williams will remain as chief inspector until the post is filled.

Union sources this week welcomed Williams’ appointment. One said: “It is hoped this will ensure safety rules are being enforced on the Olympics site.”