Distributor of construction materials' £3.2m eco-centre in Leamington Spa first of its kind in the UK

Distributor of construction materials Wolseley has opened a national showcase for sustainable building products and construction methods in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

The £3.2m Sustainable Building Centre is the first building of its kind in the UK. The firm believes the 6,800ft² site will enable all involved in construction, from architects through to jobbing builders, to experience the latest technologies and the widest range of sustainable, energy-efficient and recycled building products.

It brings together information on over 7,000 sustainable products that are available through Wolseley.

It showcases a wide range of of product, many in their working environment.

Nigel Sibley, managing director, said: “It also provides a vehicle for impartial advice, which research indicates our customers need, and will foster an acceptance of sustainable products and approaches at every level.”

The building itself features 170 types of products, including photovoltaics, micro wind, sedum roof, e-glazin,; natural lighting; natural insulation, green floor coverings, mini combined heat and power, rainwater harvesting, biomass, ground source heat pump, engineered timber; low energy lighting, water saving devices, solar thermal and sustainable drainage.