Windhager’s VarioWIN wood pellet boiler is now available with a compact 45 litre balance tank which brings the output down to 1kW to suit low energy demand buildings such as homes.

As modern low-energy houses and Passivhauses only need a low output boiler, the balance tank provides the highest energy efficiency even at the lowest heat consumption. The balance tank reduces the need for frequent cycling on and off of the boiler and enables the appliance to work at levels as low as 1kW, as well as reducing fuel consumption, claims the company.

The low output VarioWIN has a footprint measuring 600mm x 800mm and features a pellet burner working on the drop-firing principle, which says the company provides low ash production, long maintenance intervals and low emissions as well as minimal operating noise. The balance tank can also be retrofitted to existing VarioWIN installations.