Consultant will inspect and certify housing across four garrisons on Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot

Consultant WYG has been awarded a further three-year contract on a major £1.4bn construction programme to provide accommodation for 18,700 soldiers.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) appointed the firm on a five-year tender in 2006, to act as an independent tester during the construction or refurbishment of 550 buildings and demolition of 487 others.

Over the next three years WYG will continue to inspect and certify buildings across four military garrisons on Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot, to ensure they meet British Army standards.

Steve Barrett, associate director of management services at WYG, said: “Following the successful completion of five years we are extremely pleased to have been awarded by open tender a further three years in the role, demonstrating that we have been providing and will continue to provide technical excellence and value for money.

“The work that we do is vital for the safety and comfort of the soldiers who will eventually use the accommodation. It is imperative that before a building is handed over for use that it meets all regulatory and safety standards and complies with the required quality standards from ensuring that it complies with building regulations to checking that all finishes are of a high quality.  If anything doesn’t meet the required standards we won’t allow the building to pass.

“Over the years our team of specialists have built a strong relationship with our joint clients, the  MoD and Aspire Defence who are delivering this PFI contract, certifying around 350 buildings providing high quality living and working accommodation to thousands of soldiers.”