The government wants to recognise innovative technology in buildings this year, here's how to enter...

Businesses with a track record of innovation in the built environment will receive a boost this autumn from government in the form of its prestigious iAwards.


The awards, which celebrate British achievements in science, technology and innovation in 13 categories, are run by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and are backed by BBC Two Dragon’s Den star James Caan.

Building magazine is sponsoring the ‘Places to live and work’ category, which highlights achievements in low impact buildings, reduction of environmental impacts from buildings, including retro-fitting buildings, landfill waste reduction, combined heat and power technologies and innovative functional design.

Submissions only require 1,000 words or less explaining why you fit the awards criteria. But hurry - the deadline for submissions is midnight on Monday 21 September.

Winners can expect to be profiled extensively, receiving a month of free PR support immediately following the award ceremony, which takes place at the Science Museum on 16 November.