Star architect Zaha Hadid's Spanish pavillion couples architecture and engineering

Zaha Hadid’s Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion has opened in Spain.

The pavilion, which houses Expo Zaragoza, is organised around four main pods that act as both structural elements and spatial enclosures, with each pod corresponding to a specific exhibition space.

Hadid’s practice wanted the design to "couple architecture and engineering" therefore the structure is largely visible and plays an important role in defining the pavilion’s external envelope.

The star architect said: “We like projects which are structurally ambitious and I think the Bridge Pavilion illustrates the excellent symbiotic relationship we have with engineers.

“Our ambitions towards creating fluid, dynamic and therefore complex structures has been aided by technological innovations, and applying this knowledge to the Bridge Pavilion has been a very rewarding process.”

The design aims to challenge the conventional idea of a bridge being purely about engineering.

Hadid said: “As the Bridge Pavilion is not one particular building typology, this really adds to the richness of the spaces inside.”