Members of the sector recommend New Year’s resolutions for each other

archive Jan 2006

You know what your trouble is?

With the start of a new year comes the invariable tradition of half-hearted resolutions and doomed visions of self improvement. But in 2006, members of the construction industry had the kiwi-and-wheatgrass smoothies and gym application forms snatched from their hands, and were instead advised on what their resolutions should be by their industry associates - with Building helpfully serving as a go-between.

Notable highlights included an architect’s suggestion that quantity surveyors should adopt the mantras: “I will learn to love architects”, “I will stop blaming architects for buildings being so expensive and remember that it is usually the fault of the client” and “I will loosen up and have some fun”. While proposed resolutions for architects included: “I will not speak in architectisms and will learn to use language my client will understand”, “I will pay more attention to the sectors I am working with. I must understand the essence of my clients’ businesses in order to do a proper job” and “I will stop dressing in way-out gear to try and prove I am a creative, arty-farty individual. I shall therefore destroy all of my wing-collar shirts and invest in a good, old-fashioned tie and a pair of decent cufflinks” - courtesy of a client.