Saba Salman

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    Lean mean machine


    Open heart surgery, two pacemakers and various ailments are enough to stop most people in their tracks – but not Utopia founder Kevin Mashford.

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    Getting heavy


    What to do about site waste is construction’s 100 million tonne question. We gathered together some of the industry’s experts to try to find an answer.

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    Spreading the word


    Saba Salman looks at the key reports to influence the growing use of modern methods of construction

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    Copper bottomed


    The boss of regeneration developer St Modwen, ex-cop Anthony Glossop, prefers plain talking to flashy hyperbole. Then again, the company’s £46m bottom line does rather speak for itself.

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    After 2012


    When Seb Coe won it for Britain last year, his masterstroke was to emphasise the ‘lasting legacy' of the London Olympic bid. Saba Salman finds out what's planned and what's already happening in three key areas: the built environment, jobs and the community

  • Ray Mabey
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    To local resident Ray Mabey this is ‘a joyriders' car park' …


    To Newham council it is the testing ground for an american-inspired mixed communities initiative … But will the impending £110m transformation convince tenants like Ray to stay in Canning town's area 3? …

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    What the 50 most influential people in regeneration really think about the government, its policies and each other (RDAs may want to look away now )


    The six promises with which Tony Blair launched the Labour party’s unofficial general election campaign may have sounded strangely familiar to anyone who has ever signed up to the “high level objectives” of a regeneration scheme.

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    How to lead the pack


    In the competitive world of architecture, it is vital for students to make the most of their opportunities. Saba Salman asked the RIBA's Pamela Edwards for advice on getting - and staying – ahead of the rest