Power International Holding and Elegancia Healthcare to build 250-bed, state-of-the-art hospital in Doha

CGI render of the hospital in Al Qutaifiya, Doha, Qatar

CGI render of the hospital in Al Qutaifiya, Doha, Qatar

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is one of the biggest non-profit hospitals in the US, with 2,100 physicians, 2,800 nurses and 886 licensed beds. Hollywood royalty Liza Minnelli was born there, as were children of Madonna, Julia Roberts, and the Beckhams – to name but a few.

Doctors based at Cedars-Sinai have made some of the biggest medical advances in HIV/Aids research and neurosurgery. Little wonder US News considers Cedars-Sinai, which has been based in Los Angeles for nearly 120 years, to be among the 10 best hospitals in the whole country.

In a landmark deal, a Cedars-Sinai hospital is now opening in Qatar, adding to the one million people it now cares for in more than 40 locations worldwide.

Elegancia Healthcare, which is a subsidiary of the fast-growing Power International Holding (PIH) conglomerate, has signed an agreement with Cedars-Sinai for a facility at Al Qutaifiya in Doha. PIH chairman Moutaz Al-Khayyat says: “This new partnership takes Elegancia Healthcare to the next level and will enable us to provide the highest quality healthcare for years to come.

Signing ceremony event at the site of the new hospital in Al Qutaifiya, Doha, Qatar.

Signing ceremony event at the site of the new hospital in Al Qutaifiya, Doha, Qatar

“We will strive to lead in this vital sector through our exclusive partnership with Cedar-Sinai. Together, we look forward to adding value to our community for generations.”

The hospital will be a neighbour to some of the most breathtaking developments in the Middle East, including The Pearl artificial island and the city of Lusail, which is just north of Doha.

“The past year has shown just why the construction of large, comprehensive medical facilities are so important.”

Ramez Al-Khayyat, PIH group chief executive and vice chairman

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting backlog in other care means building large, sophisticated and flexible multi-purpose medical facilities is  needed as never before. This luxurious 250-bed hospital will span approximately 95,000m2, the size of more than 13 football pitches.

The hospital will be able to look after nearly 23,000 inpatients and more than 300,000 outpatients a year. It will feature six elegant presidential suites, nine ambassador suites, 50 VIP suites and state-of-the-art operating rooms, day care, critical beds and laboratories.

PIH group chief executive and vice chairman Ramez Al-Khayyat says: “The hospital shows how committed we are to bringing state-of-the-art, leading edge healthcare to Qatar. The past year has shown just why the construction of large, comprehensive medical facilities is so important.”

PIH wants to build at speed. Construction is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of the 2022, meaning it should be ready for the football World Cup which, for the first time, is taking place in November and December rather than June and July, thereby taking advantage of the cooler (but still very warm) winter temperatures.

The hospital will also play a pivotal role in the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH) plans to expand the role of private providers. The country’s development plan, Qatar National Vision 2030, charges the MoPH with setting up a healthcare system based on the very highest global benchmarks of research and education. Top quality facilities, built through tmodern methods of construction, will help to attract top medical professionals.


Representatives from Elegancia Healthcare and Cedars-Sinai. From left to right: Steve Thompson, Mohamed Al-Khayyat, Dr Heitham Hassoun, Ramez Al-Khayyat, Saleh Al-Sharqi, Moutaz Al-Khayyat, Dr Bassam Sayad, Greta C. Holtz, Dr Alaa Al-Khayyat, and Veronica Kavanaugh

Speaking at the hospital’s signing ceremony, Elegancia Healthcare chief executive Dr Bassam Sayad, said: “We are committed to supporting the government of Qatar’s overarching goal of further enhancing and diversifying the nation’s private healthcare offering. Our strategy and values are very well aligned with Cedars-Sinai’s and we are looking forward to working together on this important project.”

Heitham Hassoun, vice president and medical director of Cedars-Sinai, adds: “We are delighted to partner with Elegancia Healthcare in this significant endeavor. The pandemic has once again highlighted the huge importance of accessible healthcare, and we will work tirelessly together to help achieve this vision in Qatar.

“This new facility will encourage knowledge-sharing across international borders, enabling us to treat even more patients and improve lives.”

The hospital is a landmark project for many reasons. It brings one of the world’s foremost hospitals to Doha, will develop and diversify Qatar’s healthcare market, and is being built in the shadow of a pandemic. As a symbol of hope and development, there are few more important construction projects around.