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Rising costs, labour shortages, busy projects – construction project managers have enough on their plate. Unnecessary manual labour in the shape of outdated expenses shouldn’t be adding to it.

Unnecessary admin

Construction operations and projects managers have a big job on their hands. They’re managing a large team of workers, and they need to keep a close eye on costs, schedules and materials – no small ask on a busy job site.

Which means admin needs to be kept to a minimum – unnecessary or complicated tasks are just a waste of time when they could be on site getting on with the task at hand.

Weekly juggle

These unnecessary tasks are everywhere - during any given week, the ops team can face all sorts of admin-related challenges.

  • Approving payments, processing expenses and keeping track of spend can eat into an ops manager’s day, potentially contributing to projects going off schedule.
  • Lots of construction firms use different payment cards for varying types of purchases, such as fuel. But this often wastes teams’ time by multiplying the number of invoices and suppliers they deal with and the number of cards they have to keep track of, creating yet more unwanted hassle.
  • Projects can change quickly, and costs can spiral. When things get busy, it’s often difficult for project managers to know what’s been spent, and where – making spend hard to control.
  • Construction is an unpredictable business and unforeseen problems are a given. Not having the freedom to spend where necessary, for example on materials required unexpectedly or at the last minute, can hinder a project.
  • Leaving expenses ‘til the end of the month can be a nightmare – facing a pile of grubby receipts is no one’s idea of fun, and lost receipts can mean builders are out of pocket. Logging expenses as they arise instead of waiting for the end of the month helps avoid a glut of paperwork.

Taking the pressure off

A construction site might not sound the most obvious place for financial technology, but using the right tools can take the pressure off, helping teams focus on the work that matters (and leaving manual labour where it belongs – on the construction site.)

Allstar Plus answers all these issues and more, ditching the admin and freeing up time for on site work.

  • A two-in-one expense and fuel card, it offers a speedy, easy way of paying for anything teams need. It provides all the discounts of a normal fuel card, plus the ease and widespread acceptance of a credit card.
  • The Allstar Online platform offers project managers an easy, quick way of keeping an eye on costs and spending. Its at-a-glance design means managers can track what’s being spent without taking their eye off the ball elsewhere.
  • It minimises paperwork and streamlines payments so ‘manual’ labour can stay where it belongs, on the construction site.
  • Limits and controls can be set on who spends what, meaning managers can relax knowing teams can only spend what they’re supposed to – and costs don’t spiral.
  • At the same time the card gives construction teams the flexibility to buy what’s needed, whether that’s materials or the extra resources to face an unforeseen problem.
  • There is also the potential to give workers the ability to upload receipts digitally, meaning on-the-go logging of expenses instead of trekking back to the office.

Find out more about how Allstar Plus can make expenses easier for your business. Apply now.

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