How one UK company is speeding up the construction process, saving clients time and money

Why does it take so long?

Have you ever wondered why the current process of concept to completion in the construction industry takes so long? Well, we at MBH have made it our purpose to shorten this timescale and deliver projects in the shortest possible time.

On every project we are involved in we review each stage of the design through to construction and look at where we can shorten the process without compromising price and quality. For example, RIBA use eight stages in planning work, which we have managed to successfully cut down to four work stages: Quantify, Understand, Action and Deliver (QUAD).

Here at MBH we aim to deliver our projects up 40% quicker than the traditionally used process.

Our sole purpose is to deliver our projects faster than anybody else, without compromise.

MBH is a multi-disciplinary, competitive and cost-effective practice with a mission to create buildings and spaces that will be a pleasure to use and serve their purpose, but designed and delivered in the shortest possible time.

Our vision is one where all projects are delivered as quickly as possible, constantly improved, so that our clients will come back to us time and time again.

Our approach allows us to offer a truly in-house one-stop-shop service. Having architectural, building surveying, cost consultancy and project management skills in-house allows us to offer a truly turnkey solution.

We thrive on project management and leadership, which brings about not only efficiency in the design and management of the project but also a reduction in fees without the reduction in professional skills.

Using our rapid delivery process QUAD allows for the most efficient and productive process from start to finish with a single point of contact and responsibility.

How MBH are class-leading 

Over the last 50 years, MBH Design Studio has provided best-in-class architectural and design services for the commercial, corporate and leisure industries. From the outset, MBH’s portfolio speaks volumes about their ability to meet the most discerning of standards, swiftly and to budget.

This record of success remains vital to the firm as it continues to establish itself as one of the finest architectural stalwarts in the UK.

At MBH, we pride ourselves on our level of versatility in skills and approach, which enables us to undertake projects and carry out professional services for private and commercial clients within a range of sectors. Additionally, we also offer, and regularly carry out, an exclusive design and management service, including architecture, building surveying and project management, for high-end private residences.

Ultimately, we thrive on undertaking project management and leadership roles, whether in addition to our role as architects or as standalone services. In these roles, we always aim to encourage efficiency in the design and management of the project, thus creating an inherent reduction in fees without the reduction in professional skills.

When it comes to budget, MBH regularly undertakes projects that range from £100,000 to £10m. We are keen to emphasise that the level of commitment to each project is the same, regardless of the size of the task. Regardless of budget, or whether the projects are new-build or refurbishment, straightforward or challenging, each is tackled with the same degree of professionalism and enthusiasm.

Our speed of delivery is our greatest asset: we are without doubt the most efficient design firm in the UK.

MBH are looking to take our speed of delivery into new and different sectors. We are looking to shake up the design industry by keeping things simple, with our trademark guaranteed speed of delivery. The design process has been too long-winded and sluggish in the past – our fresh approach has already reinvigorated the retail and leisure industries.

With the change in high-street retail, we can see more coffee, restaurant and convenience stores opening up which, in turn, opens up streams of work, which we have already seen taking place. Equally, the leisure industry is set to soar over the next five years, and we are already been commissioned on trampoline parks, go-kart racing tracks and virtual reality studios, who are eager to get us rolling out upcoming programmes.

Other than retail, we have several other work sectors, one being petrol filling stations. We are pleased to have several clients in this specialist field, including blue-chips Shell and BP, and are lucky enough to have been working with Shell for over 60 years. Clearly, we must be doing something right.

We provide creative, cost-effective & low maintenance design solutions to suit the fast-track timelines for each project.

Case studies and further details can be found on our website: Contact Julian von Buddenbrock for any business requirements and questions on 07827 360 426 or 

MBH Clients

MBH clients