Welcome to Building’s first ever table of construction’s 100 most powerful clients. Over the next eight pages we measure their worth by sector, region, project and reputation. Andy Pearson mingles with the people who push the buttons, Camargue and Glenigan provide the ammunition

Despite not having the best service delivery, they still have a good reputation

Birmingham council

Implementing new procurement processes in an arena that is traditionally hostile to an innovative approach

Ministry of Defence

They seek to develop partnering relationships and invest on their implementation

Barclays Bank

Good example on leading the procurement process



Building would like to thank Camargue and Glenigan for their help in compiling this survey.

A core list of 100 of the leading construction procurers was sourced from Glenigan. This listed the value of construction spend between November 2002 and December 2003. Building also added further names to this list based on other client surveys. All the companies on this new list were then sent a questionnaire to establish in more detail how they spent the money, the number of projects they were spending it on and the form of procurement used. Each respondent also voted for the client they most admired.

As you will see from the main table, we have combined the listing we had from Glenigan with the more detailed findings of our own research to produce an overall league table. Wherever the table shows figures for 2002 and 2003, this indicates the data is based on a returned questionnaire. Where there is just data for 2003, the clients position in the table is based solely on Glenigan’s listing.

As with all consolidated tables of this kind, it needs to be read with caution as some of the data does not relate to exactly the same survey period. Nonetheless, it does provide a reasonably accurate reflection of the UK’s leading 100 clients.

* Information about companies marked with an asterisk was obtained from Glenigan’s files rather than Camargues’ questionnaire, so is less current.


Much of this data is provided by Glenigan, the development monitoring service. More than 10,000 new UK housing projects are tracked by Glenigan and this information is used by housebuilders to quickly spot new sites and to identify potential land sales as soon as they become available. For details contact Marcus Oughton, projects editor: marcus.oughton@glenigan.emap.com
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