Policy director from manufacturers’ organisation becomes first appointment to revamped executive team

Skills body CITB has appointed a director of manufacturers’ organisation EEF as its policy and strategic planning director.

Steve Radley, an economist, held the position of policy and external affairs director at EEF before joining CITB.

CITB is currently undergoing a restructure which it says will make it more “efficient” at conducting business on behalf of the industry.

Adrian Belton, chief executive of CITB, said, “Steve is the first appointment into my new executive team.  He will have a major role to play in driving forward a major improvement in the breadth and depth of CITB’s policy thinking and its influence on government.” 

Radley said the industry’s outlook was “much better than it had been for some time”.

He added: “With the housing market recovering, major infrastructure projects coming on stream and new opportunities arising from climate change, new technology and new ways of working, the industry is set for sustained growth.

“Developing a workforce with the right skills will be critical to exploiting these opportunities.”