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    Schools PFI: we need to learn from past mistakes


    We should welcome Gove’s announcement that upto 300 schools could be built using a model based on PFI, but we also need to be on our guard

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    Ty Goddard: Improving our education infrastructure


    Money may be tighter than a camel in a sandstorm, but we still have to improve our education infrastructure somehow. Ty Goddard gives a few pointers as to what we might do

  • Tough act to follow: John Perryn primary school in Acton

    Learning fast


    Ahead of February’s BSEC 2010 event, Ty Goddard of the British Council of School Environments explains why we have to get smarter at explaining to the public the importance of investing in school building

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    Consider the Australians


    Ty Goddard has been looking at schools Downunder, and he has some rather good news for everyone involved in designing new schools in this country...