The JFA project manager looks over a Balham housing estate and a Hindu temple

Natasha Newbury's office view

Natasha Newbury's office view

Where do you work?                                                    

At JFA Environmental Planning in Wandsworth, London

What floor?                                                                      

On the second floor.

What do you see?                                                          

Depending on which window I look out of, either the grounds of a housing estate and Balham Hill or views towards the Hindu temple in Balham.       

What are you working on?                                         

A landscape design and access statement for a development site in Sussex.

What is your all-time favourite view?           

From Greenwich Park, at dusk, of the River Thames from Canary Wharf, across the city to the Shard at London Bridge.

Natasha Newbury is business development director at JFA Environmental Planning