Dominic McGourty uses cyberspace to enhance his guitar playing, watch sports even more extreme than his favoured power-kiting, download Seasick Steve and brush up his Microsoft skills.

Dominic McGourty, Project Manager, Mott MacDonald

What is your favourite website?

I discovered a few months ago. It’s an online archive of instruction videos covering pretty much anything you could imagine, but also with loads of classical and flamenco guitar videos, which is rare on the net. I’m also an e-Bay nerd and love looking for gadgets.

What is your favourite gadget?

A few months ago I picked up my Hitachi PJ-TX300 high definition projector and now any screen under 100 inches just isn’t enough! The days of watching football on a blurred square image have gone – the quality is amazing. Another favourite gadget is my 4.9m Flexifoil Blade powerkite.

What’s the most useful website for work?

My job involves a lot of work with Microsoft Project and Excel, so most of my searches are to improve my knowledge of these.

What was the last track you downloaded?

The new Kings of Leon album “Only by the night”. It’s awesome and I’ve managed to get tickets to see them in June. I can’t wait! I’ve also recently downloaded Seasick Steve’s album and “The Complete Smiths”.

What was the subject of the last email you received?

I’m always looking for cheap holidays and the website Travelzoo sends out its top 20 holiday deals every week, which reminds me of all the places I can’t afford to go.

Social networking or face-to-face?

Face-to-face. I’m a member of Facebook, but it’s a bit much when you get friend requests from people you’ve never even spoken too, so I don’t go on that much any more.

Who is your favourite blogger?

I read a few on the BBC Football website.

What’s been the best link/video/viral you’ve ever been sent?

My friend sent me this video of extreme base jumping in wing suits.

The last thing you bought online?

Gig tickets. I’m going to see AC/DC at the O2 in April, and BB King in June. The real pick of the bunch though is Carter USM at the Brixton Academy in November.

What was the funniest piece of spam you ever received?

This involves the former president of the USA, George Bush.