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  • Garden Bridge

    Garden Bridge: Troubled crossing


    Dame Margaret Hodge’s recent report on the controversial Garden Bridge has highlighted the question of whether the mayor of London should pull the plug on the project

  • Heathrow airport

    UK airports timeline: Half a century of political indecision


    Today’s government decision to back a third runway at Heathrow comes after nearly 50 years of debate about where to expand airport capacity in the South-east

  • Tall Buildings

    Boris: For better or worse?


    As the eight-year tenure of the mayor of London draws to a close, many Londoners have mixed feelings about the changes he has wrought on their city

  • London skyline

    The London housing problem


    Best estimates suggest that London needs to be creating between 42,000 and 52,000 homes each year to keep up with demand. But with only 17,000 built in the last year, what chance is there of closing the gap?

  • Cycle lane

    Mean streets: Cyclists' safety


    Construction vehicles are responsible for a disproportionate number of cycling accidents each year - many of them fatal. What can the industry do to prevent more deaths?

  • Olympic stadium

    The Olympics: The greenest show on earth?


    The organisers of London 2012 sprang out of the blocks promising to stage the most sustainable Olympics ever, and as they enter the final straight they appear to be on course to set a new record - just as long as they don’t ease up before the finish line … ...

  • Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson assessed: one year on


    After his election last May, many people had difficulty seeing Boris Johnson as a credible mayor. Now he’s had a chance to do his stuff, has anyone changed their mind?

  • Sir Simon Milton

    Boris’ brain: Sir Simon Milton interview


    As the London mayor’s chief of staff and planning guru, Sir Simon Milton has a lot on his plate: skirmishes over Crossrail, affordable homes targets, improving design quality, the recession … Still, at least his boss is a laugh

  • Features

    Ready for take-off? Heathrow expansion


    Fasten your safety belts: the government is about to give the go-head for the £13bn expansion of Heathrow airport. Good news for the construction industry, of course, but, as Dan Stewart reports, the backers of the alternative options are not finished yet

  • Cancelled? The £500m Thames Gateway bridge, on which Halcrow was the engineer and Marks Barfield the architect

    Boris Johnson’s redistribution of London infrastructure cash


    The glad tidings are that Boris Johnson has just given Crossrail a fiscal injection. Unfortunately £3.5bn worth of other transport projects around the capital have been sacrificed to do so. Olivia Boyd looks at where that leaves the industry …