Design Council Cabe review issues ‘could try harder’ verdict on White City campus plan

Aukett Fitzroy Robinson and PLP Architecture’s plans for Imperial College’s new campus in west London have been applauded for their ambition by Design Council Cabe, but it has also called for further work.

According to a National Design Review, the college’s masterplan and landscaping for the White City Opportunity Area need further development, while “some refinement” is required for the buildings.

Cabe’s review of Aukett Fitzroy Robinson and PLP Architecture’s proposals said that while the campus fitted in well with its surroundings, buildings that faced onto Wood Lane should have maximum retail use and a “maximum of active frontage”.

It added that the landscape design lacked definition and felt “somewhat loose”.

Cabe said that while it was appropriate that each of the campus’ buildings had its own architectural expression, “the variations risk looking confused and over-complex when seen from the east”.

The panel praised the proposed School of Public Health, but suggested involving an artist for further work, including patterning.

Conversely, it said the Technology Transfer Building appeared “unnecessarily complicated”, and called for a simplified exterior.

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