Money makes the world go round – even construction employers know that. But if they think lucre's all that matters to today's job applicants, they should think again …
What do potential employees look for in a construction company? Recruitment consultant Eden Brown reveals some interesting answers in its annual employee attitudes survey. "Money is important to employees in all sectors," says Eden Brown's managing director Ian Wolter. "But job security and having nice people to work with are also high up the list – yet you never see them mentioned in job adverts."

He's noticed that company car benefits were near the top of the list six years ago, but have dropped to the bottom because "they have been taxed almost out of existence".

Equality of opportunity is important to three-quarters of employees, and Wolter says that stipulation includes freedom from age discrimination.

He says: "The construction industry is better than most for age discrimination – the oldest person on our books is a 72-year-old surveyor."

So maybe the 3% of employees who expect to retire after their 70th birthday are on to something.