We talk to Kojo O'hene about his move from architecture into property consultancy and why he can't stand quick-fix jobs
What does your job involve?
I work for GVA Grimley, international property advisers, in Mayfair, London. My job involves matching companies' business objectives with their space requirements. I also have to establish a brief when a company wishes to relocate or improve its environment. One of the companies I'm working with at the moment wants to improve the way in which it uses its space, and my job is to find ways in which it can use its space more efficiently while also saving money.

How long have you been in the job?
I have worked in this area for a few years, but I have been in my current position of team leader for about eight months. Before this I worked as a project architect.

What do you like about your new job and is there anything that you miss about architecture?
The job I am in now is at the "user end" of the property business. I prefer discussing the arrangements and finding out what companies need, rather than just laying out the plans. I like listening to the clients and helping them fulfil their space requirements. But I guess I do miss the design work a little. It still runs in the blood.

What is the most interesting challenge you've faced so far?
Certainly one of the projects I enjoyed the most was working with a major management consultancy to establish the guidelines for a satellite office. The tight deadlines we had to meet made the project exciting and very challenging.

What do you feel are the best and worst things about your job? I like working with the different types of companies I encounter doing this job. I also enjoy defining a company's business requirements and matching these with a property as closely as possible. The worst thing for me is when a company is only looking for a short-term solution. I can't stand a quick-fix job.

What personal strengths do you have that help you to be successful?
I have an interest in both design and business, and an understanding – as far as this is possible – of how the two come together.

What hours do you work?
My hours are very flexible. Sometimes I may work long hours and other times the hours may be short, depending on the project we are working on. I can choose when I take a lunch break, which for me is usually an hour. This flexibility is definitely appealing. As for holidays, I get the standard entitlement of about five weeks a year.

On a scale of one to 10, how stressful do you find your job?
Not very. I would say about two. That is because I enjoy what I do.

… and how much do you enjoy your job?
Eight … no, make that eight and a half!

Age 36 Current job Team leader, workplace consultancy, GVA Grimley Employment history Started as a project architect at HTA Architects and moved to DEGW as a consultant space planner. He worked as a workplace consultant for Morgan Lovell and then a senior analyst at BDG McColl before starting his present role Qualifications BA (Hons) Dip Arch, Reg Architect Lives North London Likes Reading, especially business magazines.