Solicitor Anthony Fine was among the first to specialise in PFI contracts. Here he tells us about the challenges it poses and his predictions for this evolving market
How did you come to specialise in construction-related work?
I'm involved in construction through the PFI and PPP work I do. I've been working in mergers and acquisitions since I qualified. When I worked in my first firm in London I built it up into a niche business dealing with the interface between the public and private sectors. I was involved with some of the earliest PFIs and PPPs and that gave me a taste for it. I then decided our ability to compete at the top end of the market was being limited by our resources, so I moved to another firm in 2000 and then joined US-based company Kilpatrick Stockton last year.

What kind of projects have you worked on?
I've done a number of things with a construction basis, such as the new NHS programme for multifunctional primary care – providing centres where doctors, dentists, opticians and other healthcare services all work under one roof.

I've also worked on hospital new-builds, and facilities for local and central government.

What do you enjoy about working in this sector?
It's inherently interesting and presents an intellectual challenge. It's driven by legislative change so there are always new things happening to get to grips with. And it's economically driven, which is fascinating.

What's your opinion of the construction industry at the moment?
You only have to look around us to see the successes of the construction industry – I work in Canary Wharf, which is a great example. Clearly the construction industry is the backbone of the PFI programme.

What challenges do you see the industry facing at the moment?
The government procurement regime that is coming into place next year will affect construction firms a great deal. The requirement to shoulder bid costs is becoming more of a problem. There are a lot of opportunities but not all will reach the finishing line and construction companies need to be picky about their commitments. But once a commitment is made, they need to really follow through.

What do you like most about your job?
I like meeting people, coming up with innovative solutions to problems and having fun while working with my team.

What are your goals for the future?
I'd like to see my group continue to make progress and be successful. I'd like to stick with this firm, making sure all the parts of my group work in the best possible way.

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    Anthony Fine

    Age 48
    Employment history Several corporate law firms, first in Manchester and then London, before joining US lawyer Kilpatrick Stockton’s London projects office in August 2003
    Qualifications Law degree (LLB Hons) from Manchester University; Law Society professional solicitors’ qualification
    Lives Hendon, north London
    Hobbies I like going to the gym, reading and spending time with my three kids