We write in reference to your feature on the Cumberland Infirmary (30 May, page 38).
It is deeply misleading and does not represent the true state of affairs at the hospital. There is little attempt made to provide a balanced view by quoting any staff members who feel positively about the hospital. It is stated that there is a "festering stand-off between staff and management". In fact, relations between the majority of staff and management are perfectly amicable. Human resources maintains an open and constructive dialogue with staff at all levels.

Similarly, there is no "breakdown of trust between public and private sectors". Both parties respect the skills of the other and view the operation of the hospital as a partnership.

Like virtually every building of any size and complexity, the hospital is not absolutely perfect, and yes, a few staff have issues that we need to continue working through. The overall picture, though, is dramatically different from that painted in your article, which does a disservice to Cumberland Infirmary, to the staff working there and to PFIs as a whole.