Environment vice-president at engineer Jacobs takes over from Keith Clarke

The vice-president of environment at engineer Jacobs has been appointed the new chair of the Construction Industry Council.

Gordon Masterton will take over from Keith Clarke, chief executive of Atkins, who has been chair since 2008, when his two-year term expires.

Masterton said he would focus the organisation, which represents construction professional institutes and trade bodies, on supporting the work of the chief construction adviser Paul Morrell and improving health and safety.

He said: “It seems increasingly likely that we are entering a period when construction could pay a heavy price in the government’s search for short-term fiscal economies. The safety net is about to be removed.

“This will not be a time for special pleading. It will be a time for reasoned arguments that have clear impact and that, with laser-focus, present a clear argument that construction creates wealth and stimulates economic activity; and this country needs economic growth like never before.”

The ICE welcomed the appointment. Director-general Tom Foulkes said: “We are delighted to see Gordon Masterton step into the CIC chairman role and our members can be confident that we are represented at the top of this influential body by a respected and prominent civil engineer and of course, a past ICE president.”