Part L could just put people further into debt

“Ministers warned over Part L plans amid media backlash” (11 April, Surely this [plan to make it compulsory for homeowners extending their homes to make energy efficiency improvements] is a backward step? At present, unless the property is listed or in a conservation area, you do not need planning permission to replace doors and windows. But these are an improvement, and would it then be necessary to apply for planning permission, (overloading the local planning department) and also be told what else you have to do, when probably windows and doors are all that can be afforded at that time! I agree with Tim Yeo, to make it work people need to be enthused about an issue, and I do not see how the cost of these “extras” will be funded by energy savings, it just puts people further into debt, which is partly the problem at the start of the economic crisis.

Mandy Newson-Webb, via