A letter in defence of the Green Deal

Industry is working to ensure Green Deal qualifi cations and accreditation procedures are in place to protect consumers

Regarding Isabel McAllister’s article The greenest ever (8 March 2013, page 31). Sorry Isabel, but I can’t let this one go.

Which opinion poll you are referring to? There was one done by the Electrical Contractors’ Association in December last year. It said that 98% “didn’t fully understand” the scheme, actually it was 62% that hadn’t heard of the Green Deal. There’s a big difference there. Of course, that is also before the scheme actually launched. There was then another YouGov poll done for Behaviour Change shortly after launch and it showed positive awareness, including over 50% awareness in men aged 60 or over (potentially a key target audience for Green Deal).

I’m not saying the Green Deal is perfect, but let’s not be overly negative - especially if the figures don’t actually support that.

John Alker, director of policy and communications, UK Green Building Council