In the recent programme Property Snakes and Ladders (Channel 4, 9 June) presenter and property developer Sarah Beeny recommends replacing the use of tested and certificated fire doors by ordinary doors painted with intumescent paint

Fire doors are a complex assembly of components. It is the complete assembly that provides the protection, not just the door. The “just paint on fire protection” suggestion is incredibly dangerous! Using intumescent paint and a stick-on smoke seal could leave gaps through which fire and smoke could pass. In relying on such an inadequate door you could find yourself having insufficient opportunity for escape in the event of a fire. I urge anyone considering this to think again.

The Passive Fire Protection Federation has contacted Channel 4, recommending a swift retraction in subsequent programmes.

Property snakes and ladders presenter sarah beeny’s advice to ‘just paint on fire protection’ is incredibly dangerous!

David Sugden

David Sugden, chairman, The Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF)