An industry dinner causes a stir (well, almost), Zippy and George avoid making a Bungle, and architect KPF pays the price of fame – somebody else's, that is …
We want Osama!
Is there a glut of out-of-work opera singers in the London cabaret circuit? After the performance of the Three Tenorettes at the Construction Confederation's annual dinner some weeks ago came a further troupe that exercised its lungs at the construction industry charity Lighthouse mid-summer ball last weekend. Both trios work on the same principle of pretending to be staff before launching into their vocal gymnastics. This time, guests were greeted by the Three Waiters – one was Italian, one French and one English. They were met by a standing ovation from some of the crowd; the rest envied Prince William his Osama-in-a-pink-dress gatecrasher.

Think again, pal
The above do was a strange amalgam of a Rotary annual dinner, an evening on a 1970s cruise liner and a rag ball. The host kicked off proceedings with a rather cringe-inducing card game in which he fawned over the "lovely ladies" in the audience. There was then a raffle for the grand prize of a Vauxhall Corsa (the lucky winner looked distinctly unimpressed with her windfall). As excited guests clustered round the "vodka luge", Building hacks were left bemused by an announcement that pictures from the event would be appearing in today's issue. Sorry, guys – our pages are full this week.

Edinburgh's kiss of death
My hearty congratulations to Nigel Griffiths, who was finally confirmed last week as the new construction minister, taking over from Brian Wilson. I only hope that the fact that his constituency, Edinburgh South, borders the ill-fated Scottish parliament building (in transport secretary Alastair Darling's Edinburgh Central constituency) is an unfortunate coincidence rather than a bad omen for his time in the post.

Too close to the bone
Here's a blast from the past. No doubt bored by the continual use of Bob the Builder to launch construction events, Egan body Construction Excellence has called on 1980s cult kids TV characters George and Zippy from Rainbow to kick off a debate at the Bristol Best Practice Club next Tuesday. The duo will appear in a sketch in which Zippy plays the main contractor and George a local subcontractor. Rainbow fans will be wondering why Bungle's not making an appearance. But then, with a name like that …

We need volunteers
You may have thought that the debacle of last week's ministerial reshuffle was over now. Alas, no. I hear that, in the case of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the list of responsibilities published seven days ago is merely provisional. Ministers and their senior civil servants are heading off for a two-day brainstorming session on Sunday week to finalise the carving up process. One minister who might wish to query the current arrangements is Phil Hope, who was put in charge of building regulations – this, the announcement noted, was an unpaid position.

Polo-necks vs knicker-throwers

Architect Kohn Pedersen Fox’s office in Covent Garden must be one of the best located in the country, but working in the heart of the entertainment district can have its drawbacks.

I hear staff are constantly being disturbed by young women screaming at famous boy bands who practise at the nearby Pineapple dance studios. The worst offenders were the fans of former popsters Five, who apparently kept a vigil outside KPF’s office that lasted for two-and-a-half days.