I read with interest the article on health and safety training for foreign workers (25 August, page 24). At Six Two Training, we are offering CSCS courses for foreign workers in a variety of languages, including Polish, Russian and several others. Despite actively marketing the courses, the uptake has been very slow. While there are several reasons for this, the main issue appears to be that employers see employing foreign workers

as a short-term solution to their labour problems and so do not want to invest in them. Because foreign workers often openly state that they are only over here for a relatively short period of time with the sole aim of working as many hours as possible, and then returning home in a much stronger financial position, employers feel justified in taking this attitude.

Unless all employers start taking their various legal duties with regard to training seriously and stop seeing foreign workers as a cheap quick fix the alarming statistics regarding accidents involving such workers are unlikely to improve.

Lucy Whitaker, Six Two Group