What’s in your digital holster?

I’m excited! I’ve just ordered the newish Blackberry Bold, but don’t know how to use it. I guess a lot of trial and error and sleepless nights.

Do you Twitter?

No, I’m not that far advanced yet in terms of my cyberspace presence. I email, I do text, but slowly, but prefer to speak to people whenever possible.

What was the last book or DVD you bought online?

John Grisham’s The Broker for me and the Quantum of Solace DVD for my son

What is your TV choice?

I look forward to seeing the antics and fast cars from the presenters of Top Gear every Sunday

What are you currently watching on eBay?

I am looking to purchase a set of Callaway X- Forged irons. I’m looking for a good deal – I managed to buy a Callaway Warbird Titanium Driver for a quid the other week – bargain!!